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A project to explore working with the colours of magic paradigms of Pete Carroll as expanded by Anton Channing.


How to participate

The project is structured into a series of subsites, one for each colour, which each link back to the others. Each site has a similar structure of articles, and a forum for kiamagic members.

Theory articles

Each site has a post category called 'theory'. Articles with this category provide some explanation and exploration of the ideas related to the colour, and things such as correspondence charts of related concepts.

Practice articles

Each site also has a post category called 'practice'. This can be used for sharing rituals related to the colour, posting threads discussing the preparation of a ritual, and other practical techniques readers can explore such as exercises.


A final section on each site we find dedicated to artefacts related to the colour magic. Share images of related sigils, physical bases of servitors, idols and other spirits, daemons, deities related to the colour. Keep this section visual.

The sites

Red magic White magic Black magic
Orange magic Octarine magic Blue magic
Purple magic Yellow magic Green magic


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