Chemical Serpents


Ubiquitous throughout human history, the serpent has been with us in many forms and guises, wending its way into our earliest rituals and imaginings.

With the serpent as guide, chaos alchemist Anton Channing explores the alchemical, mystical, magical and mythological symbols of the path to illumination found throughout the world’s mystery schools and religions. A journey that spans the practises of meditation, contact with spirits, astral journeys to the heavens and the underworld, sexual mysteries, entheogenic sacraments and the discovery of one’s own true will.


“I started falling in love with this book as it came out of the packaging. It’s tight, and has good, heavy cover stock and glossy high-quality pages. The cover art (an interpretation of Baphomet within an ouroboros) is a feast for the eyes and mind…

While Channing works from a chaos magic tradition (note how that’s not an oxymoron any more), he is clearly well-versed in Hermetic symbolism and ancient mythology…

The text flows very well, and sometimes the topics meander a bit, but I like that in an esoteric book…

The illustrations are outstanding…

This book would not be out of place in any esoteric library.” ~ Freeman Presson, Spiral Nature.

Gold Edition

ISBN: 978-1909279001

This is a special limited edition hardback with full colour internal pages.  The large size allows the reader to admire the glorious details in the artwork. This edition is ideal for the occult collector. The colour scheme of titles and text inside is themed on gold, the sun and warmth. Reds, oranges, yellows and gold hues predominate.

Silver Edition

ISBN: 978-1909279018

Similar in size, (if anything marginally larger), this paperback version of the book is an excellent alternative for the cost conscious buyer. You still get to enjoy all the artwork found in the Gold Edition without stretching your wallet. The colour scheme of titles and text of this edition is themed on silver, the moon and the sphere of Yesod. Silvery grey, pale blues and purple hues enrich the work.

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